10 list sign

  1. There is only one way to prepare the bowel for colonoscopy.

2. All bowel cleansing agents taste awful.

  • Not true. There are several flavored versions of bowel cleansing agents. Some practices use MiraLax plus Gatorade as bowel cleansing agent which does not taste as bad.

3. There is no way to improve the tolerability of bowel preparation.

4. I have to finish my bowel cleansing agent the night before colonoscopy.

  • Not true. The most effective way to consume bowel cleansing agents for morning colonoscopies is the split-dose regimen in which half of the bowel cleansing agent is consumed the night before and the 2nd half is consumed on the morning of the procedure is recommended. For afternoon colonoscopies, you may do the split-dose regimen or consume the entire bowel cleansing agent on the morning of the procedure.

5. I have to stop all medications the day before colonoscopy.

  • Not true. You may continue aspirin and your blood pressure medications prior to colonoscopy. Your provider will give you specific instructions on which medications to continue and which ones to stop.

6. I can’t eat any meal the day before colonoscopy.

  • Not true. Most providers recommend a clear liquid diet the day before your colonoscopy. There are several clear-liquid foods you may consume on the day before your procedure. Read Diet and Colonoscopy.

7. Drinking a little of the bowel cleansing agent should be enough as long as I have bowel movements prior to colonoscopy.

  • Not true. Having some bowel movements prior to colonoscopy does not mean your colon is clean enough for the procedure. You should consume the entire bowel cleansing agent in the recommended fashion prior to your colonoscopy in order to have a good bowel preparation. A good bowel preparation is essential for an effective colonoscopy.

8. I can’t have sweets a day prior to colonoscopy.

  • Not true. Several sweets constitute clear liquid diet and are allowed prior to the day of your colonoscopy. You may have honey, hard candies, sugar, popsicles, fruit ices and sorbet. Read Diet and Colonoscopy.

9. All bowel cleansing agents are large volume purgatives.

10. I can’t handle the side effects of bowel cleansing agents.