Poop: Everything you wanted to know but too shy to ask

  Poop: Everything you wanted to know but too shy to ask Poop. We all do it. Poop is the end product of the digestive process. It is removed from the body through a bowel movement (defecation). It is mostly water, about 75%. The solid component, about 25% is composed...

Confronting the rise of colorectal cancer in millennials

Millennials have four times the risk of rectal cancer and double the risk of colon cancer compared to baby boomers. This is according to a new study published February 28th 2017 by researchers from the American Cancer Society. In this study published by the Journal of...

The SCOPY Awards. Two Years in a Row!

For the second year in a row, Adewale Ajumobi, MD, (founder and editor, was awarded the "service award for colorectal cancer outreach, prevention and year-round excellence" (SCOPY). is the ultimate guide to bowel preparation for...

Start-Up Poop.

If all you’ve ever considered poop to be is a waste product, think again. Poop is beneficial. Poop saves life. Poop is money, big money!

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