Bowel Prep

Low Fiber Diet for Colonoscopy

  Low fiber diet is low residue diet. Residue refers to undigested food or fibers that make up part of the stool. A low residue diet reduces the frequency and volume of stool while prolonging the time it takes food to travel the intestine. You should avoid the...

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Clear Liquid Diet for Colonoscopy

  Clear liquid diet excludes red and purple colored substances. Alcohol is also not allowed. Examples of clear liquid diet include water, tea, plain coffee, lemonade from powdered mix, carbonated beverages and soda, clear juices such as apple and white grape,...

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Reasons for poor compliance with split-dose bowel regimen

Split-dose regimen is recommended for elective colonoscopy because it is associated with higher detection of pre-cancerous polyps and improved colon cleansing. Yet its adoption remains suboptimal. Why? In a study by Radaelli F et al, 1447 patients undergoing...

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What is the best scale for colon cleansing?

  Bowel preparation is critical to a successful colonoscopy. Bowel preparation scales have been validated with variable results. In a systematic review by Robin Parmar et al, 14 citations examined seven scales including the Aronchick Scale, Ottawa Bowel...

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Bowel Preparation Poem

  Tis the week before colonoscopy It’s time to pick up my meds and wipes Avoid iron pills, fiber, imodium, lomotil, plavix and warfarin.   Tis the day before colonoscopy It’s time for clear liquid diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner No milk, veggies, fruits,...

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