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bowel preparation poem


Tis the week before colonoscopy

It’s time to pick up my meds and wipes

Avoid iron pills, fiber, imodium, lomotil, plavix and warfarin.


Tis the day before colonoscopy

It’s time for clear liquid diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner

No milk, veggies, fruits, meat, grains, seeds or nuts.


Tis the night before colonoscopy

It’s time to take the first dose of my bowel prep agent

I’m ready to pass more time in the loo.


Tis the morning before colonoscopy

It’s time to take the 2nd half of my prep, 4hrs before the scope

Nothing by mouth 2 hours before the scope.


Tis the hour after my colonoscopy

My doc said I did a good job with my prep

Yippee! It’s time to get something to eat.


Bowel preparation poem by Adewale Ajumobi, MD ©bowelprepguide.com