Example of Excellent Bowel Prep


                                                    Example of Good Bowel Prep


                                                        Example of Fair Bowel Prep



poor bowel preparation image

                                                    Example of Poor Bowel Prep

Bowel preparation scales are designed to rate the quality of bowel preparation during colonoscopy. The adequacy of bowel preparation during colonoscopy should be assessed and documented routinely. The table below describes the four bowel preparation scales that have been studied and validated.


Aronchick¹% of mucosa surface seen; amount of liquid or solid stool present (global assessment)
>95% >90% >90% (after cleansing) <90%
Right, transverse and recto-sigmoid junction scored 0-4; 0-2 for quantity of residual fluid and totaled (0 = best)
0 14
Boston (BPPS)³
Right, transverse and left colon are scored 0-3 and totaled (9 = best)
9 0
Right, transverse and left colon are scored 0, 5, 10, 11, 12 based on % mucosa seen and totaled (36 = best). There is a separate score for amount of fluid seen.

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