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Colonoscopy. What to expect.

Colonoscopy is a test that uses a flexible tube with a camera to look inside your colon.

Before the test, your doctor will explain the benefits, risks, and alternatives of colonoscopy to you.

You have to prepare your colon for the test by using a bowel cleansing agent to clean out your colon. This is called bowel preparation.

Just before the test, you will be given medications to make you sleepy and comfortable. The test can also be done without sedation.

Your doctor will insert the lubricated tip of the flexible tube into your colon through your bottom. During the test, your doctor has the ability to take a small piece of tissue from the colon, remove a polyp, mark a specific spot, treat a blockage, or stop bleeding. Any tissue removed during colonoscopy is sent to the pathologist for analysis.

The test lasts about 30 minutes.

After your colonoscopy, you will be taken to a room for recovery. You will be monitored until you wake up. You may drink and eat after that.

Someone will need to drive you back home after the test.

Remember, colonoscopy saves life.

Good luck!

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