Colonoscopy is not embarrassing


David refused to have colonoscopy. He was 50 when he was first told to have a colonoscopy. “It’s embarrassing.” “I don’t want anyone going through my bottom.”  At 62, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Colonoscopy is not embarrassing. Colon cancer has no shame. Scope in. Cancer Out.

Why people think colonoscopy is embarrassing

  • Bowel prep. Bowel prep is the process of preparing your bowel for colonoscopy. You need to drink a bowel cleansing agent to clean out your colon so the doctor can see. You will poop a lot. Don’t be embarrassed by this. It is an important step.
  • Sedation.  Most people are asleep during colonoscopy. Some people are embarrassed by what may happen when they are asleep. Don’t worry. You won’t say embarrassing things and even if you do, everyone knows it is due to the effect of anesthesia.
  • Colonoscopy procedure. There are only two ways to get into your colon. Through your anus or through a stoma for patients with colostomy. Most times a digital rectal exam is done before colonoscopy. A lubricated gloved finger is used. Lubricant is applied to the tip of the colonoscope before it is inserted into the anus. If you are worried about stool remaining in your colon, don’t be. The colonoscope can suction any remaining fluid or stool. Most of the time, remaining stool can be flushed with water and suctioned.
  • Nakedness. You will not be completely naked during colonoscopy. You will change into a gown. The front portion of your pelvic area is completely covered and so is your chest area and belly. Most times, you will lie down on your left side. Your bottom is only exposed slightly so that the colonoscope can be inserted into the colon.


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