Three Colonoscopy Videos You Need to See Before Your Test

Colonoscopy is a life saving procedure. It is the best test to detect and prevent colorectal cancer. Yet people dread it because of lack of accurate information. If you are scheduled for colonoscopy, these are the 3 colonoscopy videos you need to see before your test....

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Colonoscopy is not embarrassing

  David refused to have colonoscopy. He was 50 when he was first told to have a colonoscopy. "It's embarrassing." "I don't want anyone going through my bottom."  At 62, he was diagnosed with colon cancer.  Colonoscopy is not embarrassing. Colon cancer has no...

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Still pooping morning of colonoscopy

I am scheduled for a colonoscopy today and I am still pooping the morning of the colonoscopy. Is this normal? What do I do? It is normal. For piece of mind, you can wear a diaper to the surgery center. There are 3 ways to clean out the colon before colonoscopy. Most...

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Diarrhea after colonoscopy or no stool after colonoscopy

Diarrhea after colonoscopy is not very common but it can happen. For some people, they complain of no stools after colonoscopy. These changes may be related to change in the population of bacteria in the colon or other things. Diarrhea after colonoscopy Diarrhea after...

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What is the best food to eat after colonoscopy

Congrats! You just finished having colonoscopy. You are hungry and weak. What can you eat after colonoscopy? Can you go from the surgery center to a buffet restaurant? How your body feels after a colonoscopy? Colonoscopy involves several steps. These steps include...

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My doctor found polyps. What makes colon polyp grow?

  What makes colon polyp grow? Gloria asked. She just had a colonoscopy after turning 50 a few months ago. This is a common question asked by patients with colon polyps. First, we need to know what colon polyps are. What is a colon polyp? Colon polyps are growths...

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Consent for colonoscopy. The informed patient.

  Consent for colonoscopy is a precondition for colonoscopy. Several issues surround the idea of consent for colonoscopy. It is a legal requirement based on the principles of autonomy and self determination. Every person has the right to determine if they want a...

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Do I go to sleep during colonoscopy?

Colonoscopy is the most effective way to screen for colorectal cancer. It is also the best to way to diagnose diseases of the colon. After questions regarding bowel prep, people often have questions regarding sedation during colonoscopy.  Do I go to sleep during...

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The best way to prep for colonoscopy

  Colonoscopy is a procedure that utilizes a flexible tube with light and camera at the end to look at the inner lining of a person’s large intestine (colon). It can be used to diagnose and treat diseases of the colon. It is the gold standard for screening for...

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Is coffee a clear liquid diet for colonoscopy

  Coffee is the most popular beverage in America. Worldwide, about 1 billion people drink this beverage every day. People love coffee for different reasons. For some, it is the boost in brain power and energy they get from the drink. For others, it is the social...

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