how to improve the tolerability of bowel cleansing agent

Bowel preparation agents often taste bad. Generally, sulfate containing formulas (e.g. GoLYTELY, and Colyte) are less palatable compared to non-sulfate containing formulas (e.g. NuLYTELY, and TriLyte). To improve their taste, some prep agents come in flavored packs e.g. NuLYTELY (flavors: cheery, lemon-lime, orange, pineapple), TriLyte (flavors: cherry, citrus-berry, lemon-lime, orange, pineapple), and HalfLytely (flavor: lemon-lime)

To improve taste, the following have been suggested:

1. Chill the bowel cleansing liquid by putting it in a fridge or ice bucket.

2. Use straw. Sipping is better than gulping.

3. Add flavor. You can add lemon juice, lemon slices or sugar free flavor enhancers like Crystal Light®.

4. Sugar free menthol-candy. Suck on menthol candy (e.g. Halls menthol candy) during ingestion of the bowel prep solution.

Don’t be a poor prep