predictors of inadequate bowel prep

Can we predict who is likely to have an inadequate bowel prep during colonoscopy?

Multiple studies have examined the predictors of inadequate bowel preparation. These predictors or risk factors can be classified as medical factors and non-medical factors; patient-related and non-patient related; modifiable and non-modifiable. The table shows the predictors classified as medical factors and non-medical factors.

Predictors of Inadequate Bowel Preparation

Medical FactorsNon-Medical Conditions
Prior inadequate bowel prepAge > 60 years
Chronic constipationMale gender
Use of constipating medications like psychotropics, opioid narcoticsSingle or widowed status
Diabetes MellitusEnglish as a 2nd language
ObesityLower household income
Prior resection of the colonLow patient activation prior to colonoscopy
Stroke Low health literacy
DementiaLonger wait times for colonoscopy
CirrhosisMedicaid insurance
Parkinson diseaseIn-patient status
≥8 active prescription medicationsAfternoon colonoscopies
Prior abdominal surgeries like appendectomy, hysterectomyLower educational level, ≤ 12th grade education