Colonoscopy is a procedure that utilizes a flexible tube with light and camera at the end to look at the inner lining of a person’s large intestine (colon). It can be used to diagnose and treat diseases of the colon.
What is the best way to prepare for colonoscopy?

1. Discuss all your medications and health conditions with your provider. Know what medications to adjust or stop prior to your colonoscopy.

2. Schedule an appointment for your colonoscopy. Be sure to take the day off from work.

3. Obtain a prescription for your bowel cleansing agent. Pick up your bowel cleansing agent alongside bowel prep essentials like soft toilet tissue or baby wipes, artificial flavors, menthol candies, straws, and diaper rash cream. Read 10 tips for making colonoscopy preparation more tolerable.

4. Arrange for an adult to bring you for the colonoscopy. Most colonoscopies are performed under sedation. You need a responsible adult to safely take you home.

5. Follow the diet instructions given to you by your provider. Diet instructions differ based on your health conditions and risk for inadequate bowel preparation.

6. Use the bowel cleansing agents as instructed. Be sure to finish the material.

7. Wear loose clothing and be close to the toilet.

8. Drink plenty of fluids.

9. Wear comfortable clothes for your colonoscopy appointment. Leave your expensive jewelries at home.

10. Show up on time for your scheduled colonoscopy.

Good luck!